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This information will be confidential and only used if follow-up is necessary.

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Please rate how well your game official demonstrated the following characteristics

Rating: Very Poor (1)  Below Average (2)  Average (3)  Above Average (4) Excellent (5)

Appearance, Attitude and Presence     MARK
Wore proper referee uniform, neat and tidy appearance and carried self in a respectful, professional manner.  
Pre-Game/Post-Game Duties
Arrived an appropriate time before kick-off, with sufficient time to check ID cards and collect game sheets.  
Maintained awareness of surrounding and events after the match, including watching hand shake.  
Accuracy and Consistency of Calls
Made accurate decisions in accordance with the Laws of the Game  
Made appropriate decisions in the spirit of the Laws of the Game
i.e. used common sense, did what was fair, and allowed players to play without excessive interference.
Applied the Advantage clause where appropriate.  
Control of the Match 
Applied Cautions and Dismissals correctly and where applicable.  
Communicated clearly with whistle and signals.  
Engaged assistant referees effectively (including team reps if appropriate).  
Maintained composure.  
Displayed stamina, speed, sprinted when required, kept up with play.  
Movement and Positioning
Was in appropriate position during play, restarts and during stoppages.  
Rapport and Communication
Communicated effectively and respectfully with players, coaches, and other officials.  


Please note:  Comments provided may be shared with  game officials to assist them in their development.  In addition, the information may be used to determine if referrals for mentoring are appropriate or in identifying trends that could affect referee assignments.